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You Know it is God When...

Started by Foadle, June 03, 2020, 06:23:09 am

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I have just got a job, but God is so definitely behind this:

I got it through gumtree...which from what I can understand is the Aussie equivalent of the American craigslist.  The job had only been posted 15 minutes before I got on the site - God timing right place right time

I applied for the job and that afternoon receive an email to ask if I were available for an interview the next day.

I went to the interview and the boss says, I will show you around and what you will be doing...wait a minute, we haven't even had an interview yet - God's blessing and favour

The "interview" went for about an hour and in the course of the interview I find out that:
1. He wasn't looking for someone my age, but rather a junior (two reasons: everyone in the business if fairly young; and the role would be very straight forward and simple). I am certainly not a junior, but when he looked at my resume, he suddenly changed his mind and thought, somebody more mature with experience, could be even more beneficial to the business - God orchestrating situations (again)
2. He didn't even look at any of the other applications.  I was the first one he looked at and he looked no further.  Absolute favour of God.
He even changed the entire payrate so as to keep me (getting less than last job, but more than he would have paid a junior) - Favour

God is so in this. 

Add your experience of "You know it is God when..."


Sounds like God had this set aside for you for ages!


So further to the below I get to work and about 3 of the staff are Spanish native speakers or speak Spanish as a second language - this is a language I have been trying to learn for some time and the hardest thing was not having anyone I could practice with.  God gives bonuses too.