How to approach the Coronavirus

Started by LittleRocketBoy, March 03, 2020, 02:27:37 am

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Jesus did not avoid the sick... He healed it.  How much do we truly live out of the healing power of God.

He did not go out actively seeking it...that would be presumption, but neither did he avoid it - that would be living in fear.  He simply allowed God to be God in His life. 

Having said that, in so much as the laws of the land are not in conflict with the laws of God, if we are told to stay at home for a season, so we should, because God also told us to honour those in authority.


Even though this virus is real, I think a lot of it is just the media trying to scare everybody.
Without actions to back them up, the words I love you are nothing but air coming out of your mouth.


ain't that the truth.  Yes it is real, very real, and we need to have an awareness of its potential to harm.  But the media do love to have the latest fad.  I must say though that at least the focus on the virus has taken the focus of the global warming claptrap they have been pushing for so long.


Today I talked with Sean...he is an electrician but currently working at a big box hardware store. He has had two different fevers and when he has one he can't go to work. 

But he gets over them and goes right back. 

And if they were Covid...and if he has re-infected himself twice then he is out there... just saying.
I wanna die like grandpa, peacefully and in his sleep. Not like the passengers in his car...they were all screaming and panicking.


Why would he not get tested to be sure?


Because he's an idiot and is sure that this is all some kind of hyped up overblown Pandemic.

He really doesn't understand it and will eventually end up dead. (Sean is an alcoholic)

And Sean is also one of the "working poor". Meaning he will always have to work to pay fines, debts, or child support while funding his chemical depandancy. He literally can't afford to take time out to recover from his illness.

That's why he is in Arizona in the middle of the summer.
Most of the travellers I know go south for the winter and north for the summer. He's doing it in reverse because he is broke.
I wanna die like grandpa, peacefully and in his sleep. Not like the passengers in his car...they were all screaming and panicking.


Very sad situation.  I guess that is where our medical system has helped the virus, not hindered it.  Basic medical treatment is free to all citizens.  ... Still time off work for recovery would not help, but having said that, government is currently paying incentives for bosses to keep employees employed even if the work is not there, and double unemployment benefits until September for those who are unemployed.

All I can say is that Sean needs our prayers, the wisdom of God, and the courage to use the wisdom of God.



I used to worry and stress and strive to "do my part," never believing that I had done enough of "my part."  Now I see my part as casting it off on Him, doing what I believe He is giving me, and letting it just be His problem.  I don't have to fix everything, but I get to work along side of God.


I am 67 and the wife is 65. We received our first vaccine on Sat the 13th. We are scheduled for our second on March 13.
Sore arm from where they poked me. Otherwise we are fine.


I had Covid the week following Christmas - had a couple of nights of "temperature" and stomach pains after that for about 10 days but that was it.

My wife Andrea got it (from me I presume as we are super careful) the week after. Even though her immune system is shot to pieces with Chemo treatment 2 years ago it wasn't too bad and she got over it in about 10 days - was like a bad flu.

In the month since however we have been a bit rough on and off - the last couple of days we have all the windows in the house open as it feels like summer time and are sleeping on top of the blankets and at times our brains feel "foggy" - at times I lose my concentration in meetings with work...

So thankfully we have not had it too bad, as long as our toes don't fall off then we count ourselves lucky thus far.

And yes - to me it's all a socially engineered experiment in determining global control and obedience. I found it very interesting that Sky News had an article about 2 weeks ago that stated clearly that "China's response to the virus has set it up to be the leading economic superpower in 2028". Strange how it originated in China and now it's been the vehicle to enable them to call the global shots?

/Tin Hat Off :)


Our best friend died of covid a couple weeks ago.