How to approach the Coronavirus

Started by LittleRocketBoy, March 03, 2020, 02:27:37 am

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What are your thoughts?
What does your faith say?
What are you doing?
Do you think your actions reflect your faith?


As Christian preppers, we are just doing what we have been doing.
Living for the best, preparing for the worst.
We could rehearse historic events where Christians were endangered by events both natural (earthquakes, disease, floods, etc) and worldly (wars, famine, social upheaval). Starting with the famine mentioned in the book of Acts and proceeding through the persecutions, wars, plagues, for the last 2000 years.
God warns us, we fear because we believe, we prepare, we save our families.
We are the Noahic believers. The Antioch preppers.


First can I say - as a very experienced nurse - that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than seasonal flu. Which means that those who are healthy need not be concerned. If you do pick up the virus it's unlikely to be much more than a mild to moderate cold. Just like influenza, if you are a suffer of any chest complaint such as asthma or COPD, then you should be concerned and see your doctor at the earliest.

The media do love to trumpet about the number of people who die from this viral infection but have never mentioned the thousands of people that completely recover from it. There are evasive actions you can take to protect yourself:
  • DON'T shake hands, hug or kiss other people
  • try using the 'foot shake' or 'elbow bump' instead (see YouTubes)
  • there is evidence that some are using a 'bum bump' instead! Much more fun!
  • wash your hands frequently during the day, that's properly not just a splash (see chart below)
  • don't depend on sanitising gels - they're okay for temporary instances but if used a lot, they will just damage your skin

Other points to note are that  this virus isn't that different from the influenza virus authorities worry about every year and for which largely ineffective immunisation is available. The big difference is that scientists know quite a lot about the influenza viruses as they've been around for a few hundred years. The coronovirus (AKA COVID-19) is brand spanking new and nobody knows how it works, how it grows or how it can affect the human beings, specially the vulnerable types - like me who is 78 and has diabetes. Apparently I'm an 'at risk' group! Funny, I feel pretty spry!

I think that's enough lecturing for one post - happy virus ducking!


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Actually a report came out today stating that COVID 19 is 34 times as likely to kill the victim... especially if they are over 60 or if they have other health issues.
This is not the flu.

"So how deadly is it to individuals? "Globally, about 3.4 percent of reported COVID-19 cases have died," said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization's director, on March 3. That's still much higher than the flu (0.1 percent) but lower than SARS (10 percent), MERS (34 percent), or Ebola (50 percent). "

It is possible that up to 70% of the world population will catch COVID 19.
Deaths may reach as high as 136 million people.

I think it is dangerous to downplay this disease. Especially for the seniors and chronically ill.



Quote from: LittleRocketBoy on March 06, 2020, 11:13:08 pmThis is not the flu.
You see, this is exactly what people do - I never said it was flu, I said it was a virus similar to flu but different in that it's "brand spanking new and nobody knows how it works, how it grows or how it can affect the human beings." That's what makes it dangerous.

Read my post again and see what I REALLY said!

Quote from: LittleRocketBoy on March 06, 2020, 11:13:08 pmThat's still much higher than the flu
I can't speak for what happens in the US but in the UK it's certain that several thousand die each year from seasonal influenza yet this is hardly ever spoken about. ONE person dies from COVID-19 and it's major headlines all over the country! What is not headlined is the thousands of people who get this infection and recover from it without a problem. But they are mostly young to middle-aged persons who are in good health.

Quote from: LittleRocketBoy on March 06, 2020, 11:13:08 pmI think it is dangerous to downplay this disease. Especially for the seniors and chronically ill.

Now there I agree with you 100%. As I believe I said previously, it is dangerous because it's a new and totally unknown virus. People have no immunity to it as yet and the vaccine won't be available until later in the year. All these things do make it serious. I also said that it is dangerous to people (like myself) who are over 60 and have co-morbidities such as diabetes (me), asthma, chronic bronchitis or COPD. These do comprise a very small percentage of the population and just like a cold or mild flu - as I said before - most people that get infected with COVID-19 will recover from it just as they would from a moderate common cold.

The most important issue is taking precautions like washing hands (as per the chart) but frequently, like every hour or so. I was in a shop today and the check-out lady coughed, covering her mouth with her hand. When I mentioned it to her, suggesting she should have coughed into the crook of her elbow, she said she had hand sanitiser but had made no effort to use it after she coughed! I shall ring the store on Monday and speak to the manager, maybe even offer to give his staff a little educational talk if he feels it necessary or appropriate!


So my take is the disease may be dangerous to those who catch it, but how likely is that to happen?

In China, a country with 1.4 BILLION people, only 80,000 people contracted it.  That equates to roughly .00005% of a chance in China.

I am not buying into the panic.  When the swine flu was a thing 10 years ago, it died out.  Ebola was supposed to kill everyone, didn't happen.
All glory to him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by shedding his blood for us.  He has made us a Kingdom of priests for God his Father. All glory and power to him forever and ever! Amen.


Wash your hands, increase your vitamin C and antioxidants and go about your day. It goes back to what I said in the Trump thread. The media lets us know what is best for their agenda for us to know. They need a disease scare and here it is, the next big plaque.
I used to worry and stress and strive to "do my part," never believing that I had done enough of "my part."  Now I see my part as casting it off on Him, doing what I believe He is giving me, and letting it just be His problem.  I don't have to fix everything, but I get to work along side of God.


Quote from: Bryan on March 07, 2020, 11:11:11 pmSo my take is the disease may be dangerous to those who catch it, but how likely is that to happen?
It might be easy to catch it but given you're not in an 'at risk' group, it shouldn't be any worse than a mild to moderate cold. However, we should all be aware that, as I said previously, the hazard of this virus is that it's totally new, only launched itself n the human race late last year and there are lots of things we don't know about it, like

  • the incubation period
  • the manner of its transmission between people
  • how long it lasts for in humans
  • what the life span of the affect is
  • how it will change or transmute as the seasons change
  • what its mode of mutation is.

All these things are known about ordinary cold bugs, influenza and many other infections, both viral and bacterial.


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Quote from: jiminpa on March 08, 2020, 09:38:18 amincrease your vitamin C and antioxidants
Jim, that's marginally useful for the common cold in which case, at the very first sign of the sniffles, take 1,000gms vit C every 2 hours for 2 days. But nothing like this is known about COVID-19. Sorry.


This is what I posted on Facebook regarding the coronavirus outbreak;

OK, so all of this talk about the lethality of COVID-19 vs. the flu irritates me. Did you people pay attention in math class? According to the CDC website, there have been somewhere between 34,000,000 and 49,000,000 cases of the flu with between 20,000 and 52,000 deaths. That's a mortality rate (using both high numbers) of about 0.1%. By contrast, the latest available CDC report (at the time of this posting) shows that there are 1,215 cases of COVID-19 and 36 deaths. That's a mortality rate of 2.9%, or nearly 30x greater than the flu.

There's no need to panic, but let's not be stupid either. Pretending this is just like the flu is foolish. And for the love of all that is pure and holy, please stop blaming the media for reporting the reality that is taking place in the world.

My faith tells me that God is still in control and bigger than COVID-19 or any other virus, but that doesn't absolve us from making wise decisions. Perhaps we should CALMLY and RATIONALLY heed the advice of medical professionals lest we find ourselves in the same (or worse) situation as Italy.
"There is no charge for awesomeness -- or attractiveness."


Quote from: Pete on March 12, 2020, 06:46:42 pmMy faith tells me that God is still in control and bigger than COVID-19

I couldn't agree more!

Quote from: Pete on March 12, 2020, 06:46:42 pmthat doesn't absolve us from making wise decisions
I was in the doctors this afternoon. A toilet in the waiting room had its door fixed open with a large notice saying "PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU GO FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT". There were also noticed all over the walls and doors as well. My doctor was running about 40 minutes late and in that time, I watched about 7 people come in an not one of then complied! One wonders if it's because they don't commonly wash their hands!


So our esteemed lead Boris Johnson has now deemed that certain groups are going to be confined to their homes or 'self-isolated'. These would be primarily the 70+ people, those with other conditions such as asthma, bronchitis or diabetes, plus other conditions as yet unidentified. The 'other conditions' could apply to all ages and there is a suggestion that a form will be available on to print off. We will be obliged to fill this in and carry it with us. At the same time, police will be given powers to stop and check people out and about and ask to see this document. If this happens, I'll be in virtual solitary isolation. I have been anyway for 2-3 years. this action will just make it a complete police state!

Actually it won't make much difference to me as I only go out once a week anyway, for an hour or two and don't see anyone at all in between times!


My company just announced that anyone who can work from home should work from home. This isn't a huge change for me since I've been working half my day from home since 2012, but it is a major change for many of our employees. My team and I are currently supporting the remote work setups.

Kids are off school for at least 2 weeks, although we're already hearing that might stretch out to the rest of the school year. So basically it's just us 4 at home all day now. This Thursday is grocery day, so we'll have to venture out to buy whatever is available, but the closet Walmart is literally less than 1/4 mile from our house, so not exactly a huge journey.

We had church this past Sunday when the directive was to avoid gatherings of 50 people or more. We're under that threshold on a normal week, and more people stayed home than usual, so we were well under that number. Not sure if that will happen this week or not since the directive is now to avoid gatherings of 10 people or more. Heck, we have one large family at our church that would have to kick some of their kids out to abide by that ruling!

Still, there are people who think this is just a big media hoax, and I have no idea why. When you compare the data of where we're at currently in this pandemic to others, it's extremely easy to see why health experts are advising such extreme measures. It will be interesting to see how long these closures and disruptions last. Currently, the CDC is advising to avoid gatherings of more than 50 people for at least 8 weeks. The latest directive from the President advising to avoid against gatherings of more than 10 people is only for 15 days. I wonder if they will slowly loosen the restrictions over time, or if everything will return to normal all at once.

Regardless, I've decided that while I am not afraid nor panicking in any way, it is a good idea to make wise decisions. I've never been one to buy into conspiracies, and Lord knows there are plenty of them flying around out there today. I tend to be a facts and figures kind of guy, and the current data indicates that these drastic measures are warranted, IMHO.

"There is no charge for awesomeness -- or attractiveness."


So our church is viewing the coronavirus as an opportunity. While most churches have gone to an online streaming format where congregation members can watch the service, we've taken a different approach. Since our church is relatively small (we typically have between 30-50 currently on a Sunday morning), we are doing a Zoom video conference call. Our first call was yesterday morning and it was a huge success! We had 42 people represented on the video call with about 22 separate connections. We opened up the call around 9:00, about an hour before we were planning to start, and as people joined, we were able to fellowship altogether. This was a nice change from what typically happens prior to a physical church service, with smaller groups talking together. The Zoom video call means everyone is involved in the same conversation, which was nice. Then around 10:00, our pastor shared a message of encouragement for about 25 minutes, and then we opened it up for a big group discussion. Multiple people shared verses and encouragement and we all just spent a great time of fellowship together before closing out with a group prayer. Given the circumstances, we now find ourselves in, it was a great service!

We're also going to be able to do things we could never do in our regular service. For example, I'm really hoping, Jo, that you are able to join us next week. I saw your posts on Facebook and we would love to have you fellowship and worship with us!

I'm reminded of something I learned in a leadership class regarding "change", and that is when things don't go our way, we can get bitter, or we can get better. So be encouraged each time you encounter adversity to view it as an opportunity. What the devil means for evil, God turns for good!

"There is no charge for awesomeness -- or attractiveness."


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Pete, I will cetainly join your meeting next Sunday. Your description of how it works gave me goosebumps and when I read your hope that I join you, I felt a huge wave of the Holy Spirit wash over me! Haven't actually felt that in a long time!



Hi All,

It's been a LOOOONNNNGGGG time since I have been around.  Certainly, in the past couple of months, life has changed in our world more than anyone could ever have expected.

Churches were shut down here about three weeks ago (about a week after pubs, clubs, cinemas etc.) so we are having services online.  It is good, but I am missing the social interaction!  Basically (like most of the world I guess) we are told don't go out unless you have to.  My flat mate has been spending most of her time at a friends she visits every weekend anyway, and in the last there weeks she has been home maybe 3 days all up! Two of those were yesterday!  So I have hardly seen anyone in that time.

Pineapple (my cat) love the occasional pat but he has never been much of a conversationalist and at 16 1/2 spends more time sleeping than anything else.

Still if it all gets me back in touch with old friends I have neglected badly for many years....


FOADLE!!!! How lovely to hear and see you again! It's strange that this awful present situation has reunited so many old friends. So as the saying goes "many a cloud has a silver lining"!

I had a lovely moment last Thursday. We have created a weekly thing in the UK (and in the US too,so I hear) of clapping for the carers. This was the third week we did it and as I stood out by my garden gate, various neighbours waved to me. That was nice.


Us Aussies are not quite that sophisticated, but apparently there is another trend that is catching on...


Just saw this one: much more entertaining than the one I posted yesterday