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Prayer needed for Cecil please

Started by Renee, June 13, 2019, 11:09:23 pm

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Took Cecil to the cardiologist this past Tuesday. The report came back that he has fluid leaking from his shunt and it is building up at the left side of his heart. If this continues they will have to do heart surgery number 3. Please not only keep that in your prayers. 

But because of Cecil's insurance we have move back closer to St Louis. We need God to open something for us.

1. Falling in love with Jesus all over again

2. Having the Joy of your salvation restored


I prayed for grace and healing for your family.
I used to worry and stress and strive to "do my part," never believing that I had done enough of "my part."  Now I see my part as casting it off on Him, doing what I believe He is giving me, and letting it just be His problem.  I don't have to fix everything, but I get to work along side of God.


Oh you have them, unreservedly. Gosh what a battle you and your precious one have fought over the years!  God must be holding you oh so tightly in his arms!