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Governmental Control

Started by Foadle, July 08, 2015, 05:49:44 am

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Would like to know your opinions. How much control do you think governments should have over the general population? How should that control play out? And how much right should people have to refuse or accept the control/s of their governing body? ... Can of worms OPEN



Good subject.

Huge subject that covers so much it cannot be expressed easily if at all in one sentence.

First Government does have some "control" over the people who live and who are in the country.

That "control" has to do with those who break the laws of that country.

Those who are in compliance with the laws of the country are of no real threat to the country.

Of course then we get to the "politics" of those in charge.

If politics drive those who are in office.

Then certain "groups" are threats.

Not to the country but to those who are in power at the time and desire to stay in power.

When this begins to occur those in power look for ways to "control" people beyond what that countries constitution allows.

This has been happening in the US for some time now and under the present administration has become extreme.


But what should they have control over and to what extent?  Where should government control end and people's personal choice begin and vice versa?

Whole heap of areas are affected: accommodation, dress, education, finances, food, religion, trade - the list is obviously ongoing (no I don't think in alphabetical order, just chose to write them in that order).  The government have laws in all these areas and some are required, yet different countries have laws to differing degrees.  I

n China for example you can be a Christian but you have to go to a government approved church which has so many stipulations on it as to make it ineffective, or you have countries that will sentence you to death for acting outside of gender of caste based restrictions.

These are the extreme end of the scale but how about on smaller things?  To what level should governments have a say in any area?


Ideally government should not be intrusive but unfortunately it is and people are all to willing to give up their freedoms in the name of safety or whatever else they deem it is all right to cede their rights.  I truly wish I could go back 150 years to when government kept their noses out of peoples business


Was looking over some old topics and thought this one could be viewed in a completely different light under the current circumstances.  Most countries currently have very strict restrictions on people leaving their houses at present, social distancing and the like...circumstances play into this more than I think any of us realised when this was first written.  Yet, the question here is how long for, and how will it be lifted?
Many invasive legislations are initially introduced for good reason and are required at the time, however are never fully lifted or relaxed when their need is outlived.