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"Joy To The World"

Started by flaglady, December 27, 2013, 02:56:08 pm

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This has been my favourite Christmas song since I was saved on Christmas 1980 and heard it for the very first time.

On Christmas Eve, I was in a supermarket and there was a colliery brass band (an historically popular thing up here in the North of England) and I asked them if they took requests. The band leader said yes so I asked them to play Joy To The World which they did. Whereupon I burst into floods of tears!!! You wouldn't think that after 33 years a memory could still be so evocative, would you?

Big Carol Sing 2011 - "Joy To The World" - Wellington Citadel Band


Tjhat is a beautiful carol but I like them all!  Silent Night is one of my favorites and Ill Be Home For Christmas as a secular one that is close to my heart.  Held a lot of meaning for me when I was in the service


I love Christmas carols! The words of Christmas carols tell the story of the Love of our Heavenly Father for us.

Music can be such a powerful vehicle for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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