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October 23, 2019, 07:09:07 pm

Mercy and Grace

Started by DiscipleHeLovesToo, June 22, 2012, 06:28:03 pm

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i've been meditating on mercy and grace for a while, and the account of Joseph's life in the OT.

i've heard Joseph's account preached as an example of almost pure faith, that basically he never doubted God.  but i'm not sure about this; i have to believe that Joseph was just like you and me.  he shot his mouth off to his family about his dream, and they sold him into slavery.  he rose in potiphar's house, but ended up alone in the house with potiphar's wife - was this pride and arrogance to walk right in without looking around for the 'men of the house'?  then he does time in the king's prison, and eventually rises to rule egypt, second only to the king.

as i sought God for wisdom about this account, i began to consider that perhaps Joseph didn't handle prison very well; that perhps he was in condemnation for shooting his mouth off about his dream, and stayed in mercy even after interpreting the king's servants' dreams.  maybe it was when he finally received his forgiveness and stepped into grace, that he was called to the king to interpret his dream, and Joseph rose to power.

this got me thinking that perhaps mercy is a place i shouldn't stay in very long - long enough to confess my mistake and receive my forgiveness - then step right back into the throne room of grace - the grace that enabled Joseph to rule egypt, and enabled paul to handle intense persecution.

i realized that i had spent a lot of time in the land of mercy; fighting condemnation for past sins already confessed and for which forgiveness was already available for centuries.  i resolved to step through mercy long enough to confess and receive my forgiveness, and then force myself to step back into the throne room of grace, where i can enjoy God's favor independent of my performance.

what about you; do you spend a lot of time in the land of mercy?
Joh 17:3  And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.