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October 21, 2019, 08:33:03 am

*sigh* more surgery

Started by flaglady, April 16, 2012, 05:02:23 pm

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Yep, it's the shoulders. Saw my surgeon this morning and agreed to book in for the evil deed!So got the formed signed and a date planned.

I'm having to leave it until July because we are having a major transfer of BoneSmart to XenForo and I need to be around for it. That's planned for sometime in May/June after which I may have to retrain my mods. I have six now.

However, what's planned is a smoothing of some rough bone which is gently shredding a ligament known as the rotator cuff. It should be a day case but as I have no-one to be at home with me, I shan't be allowed out until the next day! It's an afternoon list anyway.

Incidentally, I know I don't seem to be around here much these days but I do pop in on a daily basis to read what's going on. Just that with BS so infernally busy, I'm about posted out by the time I visit!

Here's our stats for this year - pretty impressive, huh? And we expect to have a four-fold increase when we move to XF!


OH dear!  I've wondered where you were! So sorry you are having to have surgery. Bless you! Keep in touch please so we'll know what's going on.   :)
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So sorry Jo - I'm putting off the same thing - since I won't be working much now - maybe I can just stand the pain for awhile.  I know this brings you down because it keeps you from doing the one thing you love and that is the flags. Thinking about you and miss you.
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Nay you have a quick recovery free of pain


Praying, sending love and hugs to you.  :hug:
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