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Heat In Right Fingers. What Does It Mean?

Started by DiscipleWhomJesusLoves, October 24, 2011, 03:04:53 am

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For a while now, I've noticed that sometimes, during praise and worship, or when someone is praying/blessing the congregation, I would feel heat on my last two fingers and part of my palm near those fingers, when they are lifted up.

I always thought that maybe it's just blood circulation or something like that because my hands are lifted up. Or that it's the heat from the ceiling's yellow lighting.

But I've come to realize that it is not. Just the other day, I was prayed for by a pastor. She laid her left hand on my right shoulder and I thought that her palm was unusually warm. At the same time, I also felt that heat again on my right hand last two fingers and palm. This time it was the the hottest I ever felt.

So, has anyone experienced this or something similar? What does it mean? Nothing more than just a physical manifestation of the anointing?

It doesn't happen often, only once in a while.


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I'm going to be very open here. :) I have had these manifestations tested by a mature and experienced believers who are aware of the counterfeits out there. They 'passed the test', so to speak. The fruit accompanying these new sensations (of the anointing? I'm not sure) has been good (increased holiness, a greater love of prayer and worship, greater faith, greater desire to love others, greater love of the Bible, etc.) though I don't rely on them even if I am thankful.

During, and since, my multiple-day encounter with God' glory last summer in Hungary, I have experienced quite unusual physical sensations on my hands and face. Like you, I too get burning/tingling on certain fingers on one hand (two or three), or more fingers, or the entire left hand heats up - either like there is fire/energy/pressure on the hand, or fire/heat coming through it. I understand the possible symbolism of this - and the possible symbolism in the heavy weightiness I can also get on both hands, and I know of others who (like me) get other things like fluttering eyelids when the presence of God is resting in a place. But what took me by surprise was the burning/pulsing/electric/bleeping manifestations on the left side of my head (and even nose!) and other unusual sensations around the head or face. These have left me somewhat puzzled - though not in at all in fearful way... I had just not met anyone else who had experienced such things, and the Bible doesn't go into any detail about what exactly God's glory felt like physically for those that experienced it. For example: I regularly (at any time) have a certain energetic sensation on a region on my left temple, and this is much more present when I've had the time to do more prayer/worship. Recently, I've also been getting 'shoots' of energy through the body that result in me exclaiming in some way and moving suddenly - if I think of something worshipful and wonderful about God, or hear a truth that resonates with me, or see something beautiful in nature and connect it with Him.

As one of my friends has increased in His appetite for God and His desire to live a holy life for Jesus, he too seems to have experienced similar things, though on a bigger and more unusual scale to me. This is good provision from God for me! When he was a lapsed Catholic, none of this stuff happened - but now he gets the burning hands, heat shooting down his legs, this energetic, joyful filling in his chest, and other things. We both know, of course, that a person can have none of this stuff and be very filled with the Spirit.

Like I said, I know it was God I encountered that summer, because it was God alone I was seeking and because the fruit of that time has been 1.) A greater joy in worship 2.) A greater level of faith in Jesus Christ 3.) A definite desire to - and ability to - live a holy life in every possible way. Apart from this, the manifestations often occur while I am seeking God (and increase in intensity over the time I spent with Him) or while I am in worship and He is there - though often they can just pop up in the middle of the day or night.

Sometimes these manifestations can seem 'meaningless', even if they come in connection with God's glory, His work and His presence. I say 'meaningless', because they're not like, say, a burning on top of the head (which could immediately linked to the tongues of fire in Acts) or a burning in the heart area (which could be linked to the burning hearts of the disciples when they met the Risen Christ) or burning hands (which could be linked to healing or all a manner of other things.) Often, they're not especially 'spiritual' in feel either (though I know for sure they are not just a physical symptom that I am mistaking for something spiritual.) However, they certainly do lessen for me in this current season when my trust in God, prayer, and love of Him is not as it should be (for various personal reasons, including a fear of the future.)

I hope that helps a little. :)


things like this are for others in other words when you experience this pray for others.

1. Falling in love with Jesus all over again

2. Having the Joy of your salvation restored


I would seek Him out and ask Him to reveal to you what/if you're to do with this anointing on your hands.  He may have a specific purpose.  Yes it's happened to me.  Sometimes I'm lead to minister to someone else, sometimes I'm not. 
Embraced by the loving arms of the Father....


Oh no!  It's the kundamadeupthingamahwhatsit.  You need immediate deliverance!  [/satire]

I have to agree with Sarah and AA.  Ask God!
I used to worry and stress and strive to "do my part," never believing that I had done enough of "my part."  Now I see my part as casting it off on Him, doing what I believe He is giving me, and letting it just be His problem.  I don't have to fix everything, but I get to work along side of God.


Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I think I will just ask God.

As for ministering to others when it happens, I'm not sure if it's possible. So far I only get it once a while when praise and worship is going on, I guess when the 'anointing is particularly strong'. So I don't see how I can go and minister to someone when we're all in the middle of P&W. Also, I don't feel any leading to do anything when it happens. That's why I said maybe it's nothing more than just a physical manifestation of His presence or anointing or glory.

The only other significant time I felt this, as I mentioned was recently, when I was being ministered too/prayed for. So how can I minister when I'm being ministered too?

Anyway, I was hoping that perhaps it has something to do with a healing anointing, cos that's the one gift I really want. I want to be healed and then to be used to 'heal' others becos I know what it's like to suffer chronic pain for years.

Rachel Faith

Why wouldn't you go minister during p&w if you are being anointed to do so? It seems like that would be the perfect time as opposed to during the sermon or after church while they are tryin to leave or before church when they're trying to get settled. worship time is a very powerful time. It seems like the perfect time for ministering to be taking place. (Besides prayer time of course).

But thats jmho.
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I get this feeling also, sometimes all over my body, sometimes in my hands and arms, lots of times I am alone and if I have read something or a thought, it is God telling me tht it is from him and just a special touch from the Master.  I don't think we are suppose to do anything except just relish in the moment you are being touched by the hands of God.  Since I get this so much when I am alone, I don't think it has any meaning other than the Holy Spirit showing His love for you, or if something I have prayed for is from the Lord. At times, I feel like I have stuck my finger into an electric socket it is so strong.
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I agree with Rachel about timing.  It's all about the body lifting up and blessing the parts within.  Be open to move if he wants you to.  I'm so excited to hear the belssings from your touch from God!  :hug:
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I had the experience a few times of tremendous heat resting on the top of the head and moving down when having an experience with the H/S.

I would say that this is different from say the heat from a fan heater.

Once I even felt the touch of an invisible yet tangible finger, accompanied by tremendous but not painful heat.  That was at a Morris Cerullo meeting when I went forward for prayer.

You getting heat in the fingers I would say definitely means you were meant to minister to someone else at the meeting or even just after?



Quote from: DiscipleWhomJesusLoves on October 24, 2011, 03:04:53 am
I always thought that maybe it's just blood circulation or something like that because my hands are lifted up.

Hi Disciple :)

I am not a medical expert but I think circulation problems would cause a 'pins and needles' type feeling in your finger mroe than heat.  Know what I mean?



the danger here (as you pointed out) is looking to something carnal as an indicator that you are being led by God to do something (whether it's minister to someone or speak/pray in tongues at a church service, etc.).  i've had similar sensations and feelings, but i try hard to discount them when they happen and double my focus on the inward leading that is always consistent.  God chose every Christian - the 'anointing' isn't some spooky power that comes and goes - if you've been chosen by God, you are always just as chosen - God's 'anointing' doesn't come and go - we come and go in His 'anointing' - we are the variables, not God.

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