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Marriage and divorce

Started by Supplanter, August 10, 2011, 08:41:16 am

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Here is the situation:

A woman on another forum that I belong to has come in and has no "church face" at all. She does declare herself to be a Christian and is a bit attention seeking but it is obvious that she is there because she wants to learn as she has limited understanding of the scriptures. She married a man in Macedonia. They move here and are facing the marriage penalty on their taxes, having little money to survive, they get a civil divorce but continue to live together as a married couple, except that she has confessed that since they don't want anymore kids that they do not have sex anymore.

Now, basically, on this other forum, they are just putting her through the ringer calling her a fornicator and and lier and cheater and adulterer on and on and saying that God recognizes it as divorce even if it is only civil.

So, what do you guys think about what she is doing? John and I agree that it is not the best thing, but fornication???


It is fornication.  But there are ways of saying that.


Right, that is what got under my skin with them, is the way that they went about all of it.

So, does a civil divorce equal dissolution of the spiritual covenant? I was wondering if there were any scriptures on that?


Deut. 24.  It says that if a marriage is divorced by people, God recognises it as a divorce.



another way to ask that would be is a civil marriage ceremony down at the courthouse marriage in the eyes of God?

I'm really curious as to their thought process regarding the 'marriage penalty' tax. 

In looking at the 2011 tax brackets, the single filers would be able to remain in the 25% tax bracket for just under $14,000 dollars more.  In other words, by getting married, they will now pay 3% on $14,000 assuming they BOTH make over $69,000 a year.  That comes to roughly $420 per year. 

So basically they got a divorce to save $35 per month.  Being married reduces auto insurance rates and also gives additional benefits such as a spouse is able to inherit unlimited funds upon the death of a spouse. I would imagine they paid a fee to get the divorce, which would further reduce their take.  She has also removed herself from receiving spousal survivor benefits.

She is indeed single now and could legally marry another.  It's not our job to call her names for sure.  God calls her his child and he's probably grieved that she didn't trust him to supply her needs. 

"It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."  My Mama