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A Testimony of a member

Started by Wordsmith, May 13, 2011, 05:29:33 pm

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I don't know where to begin to tell of Gods goodness.
I guess I'll start with what has happened to me currently.
On April 12 I woke up in the middle of the night not able
to breathe. I was frightened and my husband saw my
distress and called for an ambulance. That was the last
I remember. I slipped into a coma for 15 days. When I awoke
I thought it was the same evening. Little did I realize that
I had a heart attack, and was found to have gone into a diabetic
coma which shut my heart down, and some stints were
put into my heart.  I had no idea I was diabetic. So
after learning how to take insulin, and exercising to gain my strength back
I am happy to say that Gods grace and the prayers of everyone that
was aware of my situation,  saved my life. I wasn't aware of anything
for 15 days, but God was there.
Be as loving as the Truth allows, even if it's
because everyone  you meet is fighting
some kind of battle.

Daughter of the King

Wow what a terrifying time yet an amazing testimony!! I am actually stunned reading it. Thanks so much for sharing and I will pray for your continued recovery. xx

SOZO = salvation, healing, restoration, prosperity, freedom! PTL!


God is there when we are at the edge. Wonderful testimony. That diabetes can slip up on you without any signes until something bad happens.

15 days in a coma is a long, long time.

I was on the edge in December - 99% blockage to my heart - I was having 3 or 4 small heart attacks a day - they put a stint in and everything was fine - I am also a diabetic.

I'm so happy they found it before it did more damage. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow! Praise God you came through!
As long as the Steelers themes smileys exist so shall my protest last!



Embraced by the loving arms of the Father....


Thanks for sharing your testimony with us!  I wondered where you'd been.   Glad to hear you're OK now.

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