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When agendas attack...

Started by Pete, September 20, 2010, 09:38:33 pm

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Quote from: Pete on October 02, 2010, 03:35:18 pm

Ephesians 4:26-27 (AMP)
When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down. Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him].


There were a couple things God showed me in this scripture.  First, God pointed out to me that it says when angry, do not sin.  Some other translations say, "Do not sin in your anger".  This in itself was a revelation to me.  I realized that simply being angry was not a sin.  IOW, it was OK for me to be angry about what had happened.  But I also realized that the sun had gone down (and come up) many times over on my indignation in particular.  I also realized that it is REMARKABLY easy to allow anger to be the catalyst that causes us to sin.

Actually in the Greek, it is more like "Don't sin by getting angry".  There are certain situations that if they do not provoke us, we are in sin.  If we allow ungodliness, sickness, death, pain, to continue in a situation where we have the power to deal with it because of our indifference, then we are sinning.  Anger is not the opposite of love, indifference is.

But like Jesus, don't be angry at people.  Be angry for people.  Let your anger move you to acts of compassion and kindness.


Quote from: DiscipleWhomJesusLoves on June 23, 2011, 11:11:18 pm
This is not directed at anyone, but I'm just speaking in general.

It's easy to tell others of the biblical need to forgive, until you are the one suffering the wrong done, and esp if the hurt was caused by those you loved and trusted.

As we all know then, it takes the power of God and His deep work in us to enable us to forgive. We simply can't do it in our own strength.

When it comes to forgiveness, I'm always reminded of what my pastor taught about the bitter waters of Marah. The waters were only made sweet for the Israelites to drink when Moses threw in a tree as instructed by the Lord.

That tree is a shadow or type of the cross. Out bitter situations can only be made sweet when we bring the work of Christ into the picture. We may still remember the events, but the sting will no longer be there.

So I guess the only way to be empowered or graced to forgive those who have hurt us deeply is to focus on how much and how perfectly Jesus has forgiven us through the cross. The more we realize how much we have been forgiven, the more we are able to forgive. We forgive because He first forgave.

It is also no coincidence that Jesus introduced Himself for the first time as Jehovah Rapha (The Lord Who Heals) after He turned the bitter waters sweet. So I believe there is some connection between forgiveness/letting go and the healing of our physical bodies and souls. 


That was beautiful.  I totally agree with you about the healing bringing results to our spirit,minds, and bodies.
Embraced by the loving arms of the Father....


I am human and everyone else who populates this planet.

And Jesus knows me as well or better than I know myself.

Forgiveness is like a is only strong if exercised regularly. The more accustomed I am at forgiving the easier and more that I can forgive people....including myself for the horrible things that I have done.

The worst part of sin is that I commit it and others have to pay a price for it here on this earth.  And usually by the ones that I love the most (son, wife, friends..)

And where I want to forgive completely like God does...I simply can't...I am human and live on this unforgiving planet.
In Luke Jesus is seen discussing several parables in a row Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Prodigal Son...but it is immediately followed by the "Shrewd Manager".
The parable of the Shrewd Manager is one where a certain portion of everyone's debt is forgiven. Everyone looks to the original amount owed and the portion that is forgiven for some kind of relationship there...and there isn't one. But of all the forgiven debts amounts they actually are equal to each other....the forgiven olive oil is equal in value to the wine and  to the value of the wheat.

All of them still had debts.


God knows that we are simply human and can't forgive as completely as He can. And among others that I have wronged I won't be completely forgiven.  For the large part yes...but there will always be some portion of debt that they can't forgive that I owe them. And of course the same is true of me.

As we age and get along into old age our fears and wants control us instead of the other way around. Jesus frees us from many of them. We are no longer slaves to them so long as we give them all to him. These fears and wants are what usually drive our sins into action...sins against God and sins against others. Most of the personality disorders out there exist as a result of fears and wants which stemmed from someone else's sin inflicted upon an innocent but then grow into a personality disorder.


When I watch my mother's case of NPD grow stronger and more controlling as she gets older...there is nothing I can do for her no matter how much I would like to. I can protect my son from her by not allowing her unfettered access to him. In fact I most certainly restrict it a lot. Which has caused a great rift between the two of us. My father is actually a kind and forgiving person...I hate to break his heart over access to his grandson. He, I would allow unfettered access and generous amounts of time...but I can't....he doesn't understand what exactly the issue is.  He would share his time with my son with his mom...and that wouldn't be good at all.
I have forgiven her...she is human just like is my father and I have had to forgive him...and I had to repent and forgive myself when I seen the situation for what it really was. None of it is easy or pleasant.

   I can't fix it...I look forward to the day that all sin is destroyed.

When I read that famous promise God made to the Israelis "I know the plans I have for you..." It is promise about legacy. I always wonder how God is going to pull a rose out of this pile of manure. 
I wanna die like grandpa, peacefully and in his sleep. Not like the passengers in his car...they were all screaming and panicking.