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This is a message from a series my Pastor has started.  Hope you enjoy.  This is the first of the series but I will try to put the others in as well as they come...may take a few posts for a message.  I'm not sure


    Wednesday,  1st September 2010

    [Please  remember that this is typed as it is spoken - which is amazing when you  consider how fast people -, well, I, - talk.   So it is not word for word but it is as accurate as we can make it. ]

    Subject:        Biblical Economics

    Ps Suzette
    Good  evening everyone

    I  am looking for a coffee place to go Wednesday nights to give us a different  feel rather than churchy bible study. 

    I  am excited about this. I was planning to teach on biblical economics for the  month of September but I believe it will go longer than that.  We know that times are coming when we will  have to live by faith and I know we believe we are living by faith but  sometimes our faith is not where it needs to be.  I pray that God will position each of us  where He wants us so that we are strategically positioned for the future.  Dave Rowlands and Pete Jackson will also be  doing some teaching.   

    You  will find during these sessions that your mindsets will be challenged.  If there is a lack of finance in the home  often there is strife in the home.  With  confusion and strife the bible says there is every evil work.  So relationships will be straightened out.

    We  will have to look at forgiveness, purity of motive and how consecrated to God we  are.   Biblical Economics is not just about  how much you have in your bank account (because its not your account its His)  but about obedience and faith in doing the will of the Father.  Tonight will be basic because we all need to  check our foundations.  Let the Holy  Spirit come and check your foundations. 

    I  can remember a friend whose husband spoke the Word - every time you spoke to  him it was all about the word but there was no love.  Love is imperative for Godly prosperity.   

    Father  we come in the name of Jesus and we thank you that you are the most amazing  God; You are the Creator of all.  You are  Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider.   You are  El Shaddai the God of  more than enough.  You are Jehovah  Chayil, the Lord of wealth.  We worship  and adore You and we invite You Holy Spirit to teach us corporately and  individually.  Holy Spirit show us what  needs to be changed, adjusted and repented of in our lives.  Show us Holy Spirit.  I pray that each one of us, by the power of  the Spirit and truth of Your Word, would become even better as wise, good and  faithful stewards.  Amen.

    Just  a little bit about me, a single mum six kids not a lot of money.  I was on survival mode - I need enough to  feed the kids today. When there were school camps or excursions the kids hid  the notes because they knew we didn't have the money.  It became a mindset - when you become  divorced your income comes to less than sixty-seventy percent of what you  had.   It all changes and the way your  parents handled money affects the way we handle money.  Was your father generous or stingy?  Sometimes we relate this to our Heavenly Father.   We would sometimes get a little ahead but we  had to scrape and scrounge.   

    Once  one of my sons needed an operation and if we went public it would have been to  late and he would have become deaf.  We  did everything we could  and sold all we  could to get the money to pay for the operation. It took every cent we  had.  We had nothing left in the house to  eat except porridge and milk.  So for two  weeks, we lived on porridge and milk and it never ran out.   We had porridge for breakfast.  No lunch for the children.  But we had porridge when they came home from  school and porridge before they went to bed.   I hate porridge now and would like to believe I now have the faith for  steak!  However, that was where we were  at.  We living a miracle.  And we were so enthralled with God because the  porridge never ran out.  The car ran on  empty for two weeks.  It would cough and  splutter but the minute we praised and worshiped the car would run  smoothly.  That car ran on praise and  worship and the children and I would watch the fuel gauge go up as we  worshipped.  And when we stopped worshipping  the gauge instantly dropped.  It was  amazing. Wonderful. When you see something like that it releases something on  the inside.  I want divine provision for  each one of us - for us to live in continual supply from Him.

    Twice  - in two ministries I worked without pay for some months.  I had no bank account to fall back on and I  had to pray all these necessities in.   I  had to pray in every meal, rent, bill money, petrol, etc.  God was dismantling a mindset that my source  was my wage.  God establishing Himself as  my Source and my Supply.  Finally when  one ministry paid me, after I paid the tithe, I could pay the rent and I had  exactly $11 left over which went on the home meeting I held.  Its all by faith and this is God preparing us  for the future.   Its better to believe  to live in divine health when you are healthy, than to activate your faith for  divine healing when you are ill.  It's  easier to believe for financial increase when you are doing OK, than it is to  activate your faith for provision when it's hard.  I want God to prepare us and strategically  position us in provision and financial increase for the future.  We need to activate our faith. 

    In  the New Testament there are:

  • 215       verses on faith

  • 218       verses on salvation

  • 2084       verses on biblical economics - stewardship and financial accountability.

Out  of the 38 parables that Jesus told, 16 of them are on finances.

I'm  not talking about a prosperity gospel, I'm talking about living, knowing God is  our provider.  It is important that God directs  your finances.  They are His, we are just  stewards.   Money is controlled by man's  system and is controlled by a spirit of mammon.   Jesus is virtually saying - I know that this  is man's system but I can teach how to live free of this system.  I can teach you how to live free.   As Christians we are taught that everything  comes back to dollars.  That's not  necessarily so.

Deut. 8:18...
One  of the reasons God wants you wealthy is to establish His Kingdom/His covenant  on the earth not your kingdom.
He  has given you the power to get wealth and we will look at a lot of things over  the coming weeks.  There is a big  difference between wealth and dollars.   Dollars in the bank doesn't make you wealthy.    Wealth is land, assets, gold silver  etc.  From wealth comes financial  income. 

I  put time in every day studying finances and have done this for 3 years.  When I started the church I was concerned  because I can't take you somewhere I haven't been.   I have to live it to impart it.  I am at the stage where I have one small loan  which is interest free and I can pay that out at any time.  So I am not concerned.  I have money in the bank so feel I can impart  what I know to you.  I am financially  increasing and I believe I now have something of importance to impart to you.

We  are called to support missions, Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Metamorphic.  (Tatania we haven't given you anything for Russia.  Don't leave until we give you some mission  money tonight.)  This year, e have given  to Open Doors, Metamorphic which plants thousands of churches a year; we've  given to Fiji, Sth Africa, New Guinea etc. but we  can only give what we have.  God will give you the power to get wealth.

King  David gave over three billion dollars from his own income to build God's  temple.   His mighty men didn't give as  much but their combined offering was in the billions as well.
I  am reading you something out of 'Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived' by  Mike Murdoch.  Listen to this about  Solomon's temple [this book was published in 1998] -

'In  1929, the Illinois  Society of Architects did an extensive and meticulous study of the temple built  by Solomon.  Though the research was done  almost seventy years ago, the experts placed its value at $87 billion.  When you figure in a 7 percent inflation rate  per year, that places the value of the temple alone worth more than $500  billion.  My friend Malcolm Burton has  said that this amount is four times more than our nation [USA] spends on  military defence each year.  And that is  just the beginning.  It does NOT include  Solomon's palace, his real estate holdings, and other valuable possessions too  numerous to mention!
Think  about it.
Today,  the temple alone would be valued at more than $500 billion.
Now,  think again.
What  an UNCOMMON achievement.
Have  you ever stopped to consider the difference between $1 million and $1 billion?  It has been said that a stack of $1,000 bills  totalling $1 million would be 12 inches (30 cm) high.  But, a stack of $1,000 bills totalling $1  BILLION would be taller than the Empire   State Building!'

God  is the God of wealth and He is not afraid of wealth or of big numbers. 
God  is not afraid of wealth and it is better to be in our hands to be used for the  Kingdom rather than in the hands of the world.

We  are going to believe for debts to be paid and for financial breakthroughs.  We will believe for wisdom to handle the  wealth.  You need to understand that  there needs to be a spirit of generosity.  We will be looking at practical  application. 

We  are to love God and love people  We will  teach on tithes which are to be used for people - the stranger, the widow the  orphan, the levite.  The tithe is to be  used exclusively for people.  Offerings  coming into the church are to pay maintenance for the church, e.g. rent,  mortgage payments, insurance etc.  Its  people God is concerned.  We will look at  alms giving and vows, emotions, habits, mindsets, etc.

Motive  - we can think we are doing the right things but are we?   We have to look at honesty, integrity,  forgiveness, holiness.  Things we think  don't have much to do with money but they are integral.  We are looking at getting these things  straightened out and brought into divine order.   

  • This       week pray and ask God what is your financial goal?  You might be very comfortable       financially however there is always more we can do.  Ask God what His goal is for you       financially.  God has told me what       to give and who to give to. I have a spread sheet on my computer and I am       getting passionate about this as I see my giving building.  What is God's plan for you financially?   

  • What       has your Boss, God, said about your financial management? How are you       doing working out His plan for you financially.  Without a goal you won't get anywhere.

Ask  David and Caroline about the man in Africa  they support.  The number of children he  is putting through school and university.   The transformations that are taking place in the lives of those  children. 

2 Corinthians 8:5... 
To  be honest with you, when God gives you the plan for your finances it should 'terrify'  you because there is no way in the natural for it to eventuate.  But if you can do it in your own power then  God is not involved.    You have to know  that you really need to hear from God for this.   I want to show my children what it is like to serve the Lord.   I want them to see what God can do.  I don't want to leave a legacy of financial  hardship in their minds.  I want to  change that legacy.  What legacy are you  leaving your family?           

2 Corinthians 8:5...     
I  want you to think about the time when you got Born Again.   I think the western church has dishonoured God  and people because we have offered Jesus as an antidote.  Come to Jesus and you will prosper, come to  Jesus and He will bless you.  We have  presented an easy gospel.   Made Him out  to be a sugar daddy.  They were not told  that they had to repent and change etc.    A large number of Christians thought when they came to Christ He would  do this and that and they have just added Christ to their life instead of  making Jesus their life.  Jesus is not an  addition.  Jesus becomes your very  life.  When you gave your life to Christ  did you make Him your life or did you just add Him to your life?  Someone said to me some time ago being a  Christian is an expensive club to belong to by the time I pay finances etc what  am I getting back?

2 Cor. 8:5...
Underline  the "but"   First they gave themselves to  the Lord.   They gave all they could.
They  consecrated themselves entirely to the work of God.  This  is the first step to receiving God's blessings.   FIRST, before anything else they gave themselves to God.  Everything in their life they gave to God and  then gave themselves to the ministers to assist them.   Basically the very first thing for financial  prosperity, riches, wealth, etc. is consecration, devoting yourself to Him to  His will and to His work.  If you have a  business it's for Him; if you are an employee you work for Him!  Its all about Jesus!  When you start to look at what you need for  yourself as a priority above His Kingdom, you are coming into idolatry.  Entire consecration to Him first.  Where are you in your walk with God?  Where is your prayer life?  Your Word life?  Your work life?  Your obedience? Do you procrastinate?  On a scale of 1-10 what do you think the Father  would rate your walk as.  10 is good so 1  is not so good.  Not what you think, but  what does the Father say about your consecration and devotion to Jesus.  Don't come into works - it's conviction, not  condemnation.  You might even be  pleasantly surprised. 


Going  back to 2 Corinthians 8:5...
Foundational  for financial prosperity is recognizing that you have to consecrate absolutely  everything to the Lord.   

Matthew 6:33
Seek  FIRST the Kingdom   of God.   Go through the bible and do a word study on  the word "first".

That  ties in with giving yourself to the Lord    The first commandment is love God and  love people.   If you want true biblical prosperity - love God, love people and love  yourself.  A lot of us have low self  esteem and we carry things from the past that we should have gotten rid of and  it's sometimes hard for us to love ourselves.   However God tells us to love people as we love ourselves.

You  know the old saying - "God only want your money" NO He only wants YOU.   

This  is why the consecration of yourself to Him is so important.  If Jesus is not truly your Lord nothing else  will really build in your life.  We are  so good at taking him as Saviour but the Lord part is the hard one.  Whatever He says we do.  We have self will.
This  week your homework - check out your  consecration level according to God not you.   See if there is anything in your house that you wouldn't part with - you  want to hang on to it.  It is an  idol?  Are you covetous?  Does it belong to you and not to God?   Give  it away if you have to, to free yourself.   Or do what God tells you to do.  I  was given an antique bible, a sixteenth century bible and I just loved it but  it was the wrong love.  Regularly I would  walk through the house to see what I could give away and I realized I couldn't  give it away because it was antique and beautiful - I didn't prize it for the  Word - I prized it because it was a beautiful antique.  But my heart motive was wrong so I gave it  away.  If there is anything in your house  that you cannot give it away do something about it. 

I  love the story of Graeme Cook who had a huge TV and loved watching the football  etc. on it and God said to him, "Nice big tv you have Graham" and Graham said  "Yes it is, thank You."  And God said, "You  know it would look good in Joe Blog's house down the street."  Graeme gulped and said yes it would and  immediately took it to him.

We  need to get to the stage where we are a steward of everything that goes through  our hands and to repent of things that we have wasted.  Do we really give our family quality time?  How are you doing as a steward. Start  thinking about every area of life because in every area we are called to  steward.

Foundational  for wealth and prosperity are
1.             consecration
2.             stewardship.   

I  wish I had been taught this when I was saved.    I was taught you have a right to this and a right to that but God calls  us to be obedient.   Sacrifice doesn't  matter to God if we are not obedient.  We  have to humble ourselves before the Lord.  God wants obedience over sacrifice. 
When  we read the word 'diligence' in English we think of head down, butt up and  working really hard.  Diligence in the  Hebrew means that you work smart and that you work with a pure motive.  When I read this I wondered how much of my  work is done with a pure motive.   What  is the purity of your motive;   This is  diligence in the Hebrew.
Today  I have made a foundation of the things we need to look at. 
1.             Consecration
2.             Stewardship.
3.             Diligence

Ask  the Holy Spirit to educate you.  One  challenge we have here is that we have Christian TV, books, DVDs etc. but these  things should not take your place with God.   You can get lots of information from all these other things but if you  are looking at them with a mindset of information learning it's unbalanced; we need  to have revelation.  You cannot live off  something Kenneth Copeland has taught.   He is doing things God has told him to do.  I can't live off Kenneth Copeland's  revelation.  I have to have my own  revelation.  Many people gave away cars  because Kenneth Copeland did and then they had to walk and catch buses because  they had done something God had not told them to do. 

Regardless  of where you are in life, you are the solution for this nation because you have  Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the inside.   You carry the very presence and power of God on the inside of you and  that makes you the solution to the problems in society.  You can change things because you have the  agent of change on the inside - the Holy Spirit - but it comes back to  stewardship.

The  thing that impresses me about the Macedonian   Church in 2 Corinthians,  is that it talks about the depth of their poverty and yet they begged Paul to  take their offering. They were so poor   
2 Cor. 8:2...
They  actually begged Paul to take the offering.   They had a depth of poverty and they begged that their voluntary  offering would be taken.  The thing that  struck me in verse 2 was there was an abundance  of joy amidst the poverty.  Is there  joy in your house when there is lack?  We  should be living in absolute joy because God will never ever let you down.  Every need you have will be a testimony of God's  abundant provision.  We panic and say  what is going to happen -  Yet they had a  joy in their poverty.  It brings you back  to "the joy of the Lord is your strength."   We have to let the joy in our hearts to be communicated to our faces.  Let the joy on the inside out.  Joy is a  very powerful spiritual force.  Joy is  amazingly powerful  but we sit around  saying what are we going to do.  Ps. Ben  said don't ask,  "Why is this happening"  but "Lord what do you want me to do in this situation?  What is your plan?"
1.             Consecration
2.             Stewardship
3.             Diligence
4.             Joy

Ephes. 6:11   
A  lot of time we take authority over the enemy and that is fine but he is  defeated but the bible doesn't necessarily tell us to take authority against  the devil.   We are to take a stand  against the deceits and strategies. Against the wiles of the enemy.  Recognize his plots and plans so that you  don't fall into them.  He is constantly  working deception and we have to stand against his scheming and his strategies.

Ephes. 3: 10   The purpose    (through you the church)
Wisdom  of God is made known through you - this is the purpose of God. By living in the  wisdom of God, by the power of God, coming against the strategies of the enemy we  live under an open heaven so we can advance.   It is the wisdom of God that comes against the enemy.  You need to be aware of his schemes.  The devil is under our feet.  We sometimes don't even think about the  schemes of the enemy but the Holy Spirit will show us how to handle these  schemes.  We have to start really reading  the bible.

I was told resist  the devil and he will flee from you.  I  resisted and resisted and he didn't flee but when I submitted myself to God and  then resisted the devil, then he would flee.   (James 4:7)

How  blessed it is to know that through the fund we have established at the  Mudgeeraba State School, eight kids were given warm jumpers and nineteen kids  got hats (they are not allowed to play unless they have a hat).  If we didn't have the money we could not have  done this.   We top up the money every  month.  Sometimes it will be spent on  food. Sometimes textbooks, camps, etc..   They are not Christians but we are now impacting the school because of  our love.  We are just loving them but if  we didn't have the money we couldn't do it.

Turn to Matthew 5:23,24...
What  I am sharing tonight is just a very rough foundation.  Dave is teaching next week and we will get  into the nut and bolts.
V23   If when you are offering your gift.................
"And  FIRST make peace"  another first, first  make reconciliation.   Then you can come  and give your offering and it will be accepted.   God sometimes will not accept what we give because it is unholy.   God says look at the state of your heart, go  first and be reconciled and then you can come and give.  Pure motive.   There are a lot of areas where our finances are concerned where we need  to check our hearts.   Have I ever stolen  anything? do I need to make restoration to anybody?  Do I have any unpaid vows?  Start to think about these things.  In our culture we don't put a lot of emphasis  on repentance.   Generally speaking we  don't really repent specifically.  Most  of us ask for more of a general repentance.   I have done wrong today and I ask you to forgive me.  We don't really look on the areas of our  heart because we have lived with it.  We  need to start getting our lives right with God and people. 

Going  back to 2 Cor 8: 11 (KJ) Just about  finished and Dave will pray.  It's the  heart attitude.
This  verse talks about the giving "We have to have a willing heart and mind"  Sometimes when God asks you to do something  it is inconvenient. 

Isaiah 1:19   
I  am under construction and God is working in me and sometimes I am willing and  still disobedient - I am willing to do it but I don't do it.  I say I will but don't get around to it.   Other  times I am obedient but not willing - I have a wrong attitude.  Its getting the willing and obedient  together.   Its really, really cold and  God says get out of bed and pray.   God  can I pray double time after the sun is up.   Negotiation doesn't work with God.   

Kenneth  Hagin said he was not seeing growth etc. in his church and he spoke to the Lord  about it and he realized sometimes he was willing but not obedient and vice  versa.

Ask  the Lord if there are any unpaid vows or pledges.  You promise God you will give so much and  then you don't have it or you stop giving.   Check with the Lord and see if there is anything outstanding and what He  wants you to do about it.  Not what you  want but what He wants.
1.             Consecration
2.             Stewardship
3.             Diligence
4.             Joy
5.             Wisdom to stand against the wiles of the  enemy
6.             Forgiveness and reconciliation
7.             Motive - Love
8.             Words

The  last thing is watch is your words.  Watch  what you say. God wants to take us to a place where we will be unshaken in a  shaking world.  If we are praying one  thing and speaking contrary you are pulling down your own prayers.  You are either speaking blessing or cursing  over yourself, your family, your finances, your business etc.  Life or death. Your word must stay in line  with the heart and nature of the Word of God.

What's  your motive, consecration, stewardship, love, covetousness anything you can't  give away.  Do you know what God's plan  for your finances is He does want you debt free.  Have you got His plan?   And will you be willing and obedient.  Foundational stuff, but important.  We can build on this. 
David  and Peter will be teaching next week.   They will give practical application and teach you to change things in  your life.   Dave is coming up to pray  over your bills, debts, finances.   First,  we are praying for John.  Tatania is off to Russia, and Chellie  is going round the southern states in ministry so if they come to mind - pray  for them.  The reason a person's name  comes to mind is for you to pray for them.

Praying for John   In the Name of Jesus, we speak against injuries and swelling and speak  healing.  Let the anointing that dwells  within him be released within his body.   Eyes be unaffected, swelling and bruising go.  We come against the trauma of the fall and  ask you Holy Spirit to bring peace and ease to his body and soul  Thank you Lord

Proverb 8:18...
Anyone  here want wealth tonight?  We need faith  and practical application in our finances.   We need to work it out where we are.   What is God's vision for our finances?   You may be sitting here saying this and that but God could give you one  idea tonight to make millions of dollars.   When you have a heart to give into God's Kingdom that is when He starts  to move in your life. 

If  you have a debt that you created then we need the wisdom of God to know how to  not get into those debts.  If we have a  business we will pray that God will help you to work out situations in it.

Proverbs 27:23 
We  have budgets, businesses and home finances.    God says be diligent in how you look at your finances; how you can save  money here and there.  Then pray and He  will help you.  God wants us to work in  the natural and He will work in the supernatural.
Any  questions?
Father,  we repent of any debt that we have created and should not have.  We thank you Father you can deliver us from  it. We ask for Your deliverance and that you will give us wisdom to know how to  deal with the debt.  Help us to look at  and understand the debt.  Give us  diligence and discipline to work it out.   If we need to go to the people that we owe money to and ask their help  in paying it off, give us favour with the people as we are honest and up front and  as we go to make arrangements to pay it off.   Help us not to get into this kind of debt again.
Our  home debts and finances -  give us deliverance  tonight and help us to pay our bills.  If  we need to repent of anything in this area we repent and ask you to give us  wisdom and to guide us. Our faith is very important in this.
Our  heart is that we be debt free.  I speak  debt free over everyone here but this is not enough I speak abundance.  Take each one of us on a journey, sometimes  it takes us time to get into trouble, so teach us the wisdom the lessons of  what we have to do.  Show us how to get  out of debt so that we will be able to sow into many nations.  We know your kingdom is about people.  Thank you that this is a nation of abundance  where we can rise up and make money for the kingdom.  You have given us abundance and we pray for  those who don't have abundance - we lift them up and we speak increase, new  visions, new ideas, new diligence.  As  you give us these we step out and we walk in those things.  Let us conduct our lives well, pay our  accounts on time, help those who owe us.    Let us run our business and lives just as Jesus would.  I speak faith and we need to remember that we  need to have faith in our lives.  Even  when things seem to be falling down around us we need to watch our  confessions.  We speak to future,  abundance and debt free.  Thank you Lord  that Suzette has started us on a journey.

Take  a piece of paper and write down 10 statements with faithful words about your  situation.  E.g.-
Father  I thank you that I am debt free.
Father,  I thank you that you give me wisdom for finances
Father,  I thank you that my accounts are paid.
Father,  I thank You for increase in work, bosses will see the diligence that you  perform with and new positions will come for you in the business where you are.
Read  this out every single day.   I did this  and after two years 90% had come to pass.

Bless  You All


Definitely an AWESOME pastor!

You are so blessed, Leah.


That she is.  I love her dearly