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Started by Pete, August 29, 2010, 05:21:21 pm

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(The following post is based off something my pastor said in church this morning)

Imagine you are married, and every Monday morning, your spouse leaves for work.  When 5:00 rolls around, they don't come home.  They don't call.  They don't email.  They don't text.  They don't tweet.  They don't leave you a message on Facebook.  There is no indication at all where they're at.  Tuesday comes, and still no word.  Wednesday.. Thursday... Friday... Saturday... nothing.  No communication.  No indication when (or if) they're coming home.  But then, Sunday rolls around, and here they come through the door.  No explanation is given.  They just walk through the door and think you ought to be happy to see them.  Week after week, this is how this marriage functions.

Do you think in a relationship like the one described above that there can be any trust, any intimacy, any true Love that can be built upon?

And yet, many people have this kind of relationship with God.  They come to church on Sunday, and then spend no time at all with Him all week long, and then wonder why they have such a hard time trusting Him completely.

We can't expect to have the kind of relationship that God desires with us if the only time we ever spend with Him is on Sunday morning at church.  He desires a constant, personal relationship with us, not a once per week appointment.

We need to desire Him just as much as He desires us.  When we do that, it will be so much easier to put our whole trust and faith in Him, no matter what is happening around us.

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Now I have started pastoring, I would say once-a-week would be a real upgrade for many people. 

Here is an interesting statistic, 48% of people who live in London who claim to be committed Christians and church goers attend church once a month or less.


Interesting thread - I was talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago about just this kind of thing and she was amused when I said I talked with God all the time. "What about?" she asked, adding "I couldn't find time to sit and pray like that." See, she thought 'talking with God' meant kneel down, eyes closed, hands together like this

I had to tell her, it was more like she and I were talking, just chat as the day goes along. After all, if you're not intimate enough to just chat with God, how do you expect to be able to explain to Him about the really serious stuff in your life?


This is a beautiful subject. I talk to God and pray in the Spirit all the time. I'm not very good at on my knees, Bible in hand and saying prayers.

My husband who has been Catholic all his life felt like that was disrespectful. I showed him in the Bible where it says that Jesus is our friend and by our side. We study the Bible together and he is finding that he can talk to Jesus and not be disrespectful.

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If I couldn't talk with Him everyday, I think I'd go crazy.
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