Getting to Know you...Getting to Know All About You!

Started by Hisgirl, August 22, 2008, 11:05:14 am

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... is that can't remember, or don't want to remember because it is too embarrassing? ;)



1. Name the countries or states you have lived in:

USA, on and off in the UK when work dictates.

2. Name five foods that have to be in heaven or it won't be heaven.

Ribeye steak and beer.

3. Name three people from anytime in history you would invite to dinner.

Randy Rhoads, Jim Morrison, Howlin' Wolf.

4. What would you serve at the above dinner?

Ribeye steak and beer.

5. What are your top three favorite movies?

The Doors Movie (Oliver Stone), Forrest Gump, The Anvil Movie.

6. What was your most embarassing moment?

Prefer not to say :P

7. Are you happy or satisfied?

Satisfied but curious.

8. Name three places you'd like to go.

Been everywhere I'd have liked to go, plus a few places I'd rather not have been.

9. What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Currently 2018 Nissan 370Z Nismo.

10. What are your three favorite drinks?

Jack Daniels, Bud, Coke.

11.  Do you live with people or pets and describe each.

Dating / long time partner but live on my own and on my own terms.

12.  Describe the type of work you do.

Musician, writer.

13.  Who is your favorite cartoon character?

I don't really have any.


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    • Being a bit of a xenophobe, I've only ever lived in the UK though I have had three weekend trips to Paris and one to Switzerland for a conference
    • chocolate, honey
    • Lyndell Cooley, John Wartson-Farrar (orthpaedic surgeon I worked with in my first 3 years as a trained nurse in Operating theatre, David Soul
    • Pass!
    • Ben Hur, All The Presidents Men, Bambi
    • Pass
    • Neither, just mildly content
    • See answer #1
    • Vauxhall Corsa Insignia
    • Cointreau, Advocaat, sherry, pref Harvey's Bristol Cream but very, very rarely
    • I've always lived on my own but with an assortment of cats (about 12)
    • Now retired but spent my working life as a nurse, working specifically in the orthopaedic operating theatre which I loved with a passion which was initially generated by John WatsonFarrar who taught me loads and loads
    • Bambi