You Must Do What You Are Designed to DO!

Started by pastorzzub, May 20, 2010, 01:23:40 pm

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Elvis Presley - How Great Thou Art

Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace

Listen and see if you cannot tell that he was designed to praise His creator and use his talent for the kingdom!

Yet he ended up dying in the most undignified manner far too early. 

Never prostitute, ignore or reject your gift.  And never sell out to the world and dance to their tune.


I was in Portland, Maine USA on the weekend it was announced that he died.  He was suppose to do a concert in Portland that weekend (I wasn't going to it but I had heard this).

He was so young, and what a beautiful voice. I grew up watching Elvis movies when I was young. :)

Such a loss, those around him turned him into a money making machine :(
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I just read about how Elvis would sing gospel with anyone who would sing with him after a show or session.  He was apparently proudest of the awards he received for his gospel music more than anything....the gospel music he learned while growing up in an Assembly of God church down in Mississippi!  Oh my word, Elvis was charismatic!  :amen:

I  was blessed to have seen him twice in concert here in Atlanta.  He was my boyfriend when I was 7  ::)  and I have several of the original 45 records.  I Love Love Love hearing his voice do gospel.  Wow...amazing gift.  I'll look forward to meeting him in heaven one day.   :mrcool:
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The most wonderful thing is, despite diversions from the ideal path, God works in it to bring about good.  Yes, Elvis touched so many lives with the glory of God - lives so precious to Him, who might never be seen in a religious setting.  God took that voice and spoke, and some heard.