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Yay for internet

Started by Foadle, April 11, 2010, 12:35:59 am

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I just did my first skype linked tutorial session.  Without internet my being on the Gold Coast and the student in Sydney would have made any tutorial impossilbe.  Whoohoo
And to think, without internet I would not have met any of you



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I agree, the internet is fabulous!  :hugegrin:
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Just think, every one you do is a walking advertisement for a few more - are you on the educational forums with your signature on each post - each post you make puts your name in the search engine.

You are doing great.
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Well, that's wonderful! I know when I was training at CF I would get to phone all these wonderful people! It was awesome being able to train them on the phone! US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus .... we had fun, some good laughs and got through the work in no time at all! But I don't need to use Skype as my phone company lets me have International dialling for free!! Never the less, without cyberspace, I'd never have made all those contacts.