On one hand difference of theology on the other, crackpots.

Started by charityagape, August 01, 2008, 07:17:10 am

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Quote from: TheDespised on August 20, 2008, 12:55:33 pm
he he he...

My pot cracked a long time ago

hey Mr. Wise One - (I refuse to call you TheDespised) - sometimes a crack just makes us more valuable. It shows wisdom in growth. Sometimes a crack is caused by all the wisdom packed into one person and it overflows.
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Quote from: map4 on August 12, 2008, 06:59:05 pm
I also didn't realize there was so much 'hatred' for WoF until I came to CF and another forum.

I was really naive, I guess. Oh, I knew people disagreed on some things but I didn't realize the extent of their feelings.

The sad thing is, I didn't think I was different than other Christians. Other than some doctrinal differences that I didn't think was any big deal. I have never said or done some of the things they say 'we do'. But they won't listen when you try to tell them that. I have never intentionally hurt anyone who doesn't believe the way I do. And would never even dream of doing that. But some seem to think just because of our 'icon' we are...well sometimes I think they think we are the 'scum of the earth'. At least that's the feeling I get from some of them.

There are a couple of people that I have to try really hard to not have 'hard feeling' against. I have deleted many posts in response to them. It's not worth it and I would be not setting a good example.

There is one who seems to either ignore me, or doesn't think my posts are worth answering. I have quoted this person and asked questions...even agreed with them...only to have maybe one response. I'm not one of the 'big boys' on the block, I guess . This person seems to only respond to certain others. And I am not one of them! Maybe it's for the best!!

Anyway, enough of my rant!

And here's me thinking that we're all serving the same Lord! Although if you listened to some you'd doubt it! Strange. I always struggled with this attitude. It seems to be fair game to attack anyone of the "wof" persuasion but the moment anyone makes a comment about this behaviour you are making a personal attack! I don't agree with everything in WOF (mainly not the god wants me a millionaire bit! Although I wish He did!) but we're still brothers and sisters and as such we should at least treat each other with respect! Shouldn't we? Oh well. I've found this place now, much nicer. I still go over to CF occasionally, mainly to have fun causing trouble!

God bless



Quote from: cryofthenation on August 28, 2008, 05:11:21 amI don't agree with everything in WOF (mainly not the god wants me a millionaire bit! Although I wish He did!) but we're still brothers and sisters and as such we should at least treat each other with respect!

Truth be told, I believe you'd find several on CF who bear the WoF icon who don't necessarily agree with this, myself being one.  Actually, I was so naive to it, that I never knew that "part" of it was there until I got to CF.  Before then it was straight faith, gifts, and miracle - absolutely NADA about finances!  haha


Quote from: leadworship on August 12, 2008, 03:13:17 pm

Of CF, the only posters who REALLY got my grits were "Devotedtobible"

Ah! Devoted to bible! The guy actually thought that the rules meant nothing, warning after warning after warning, and he finally got banned. The guy actually thought SF was his mission field and the truth needed to be spoken no matter the cost. (rolls eyes)

Quote from: Pete on August 12, 2008, 09:10:37 am
Apparently,according to this post, there were Islamic posters posing as Christiansat CF, and causing strife.  And if you went to their profile page witha magnifying glass, you could see microscopic Islamic characters ontheir profile page.  So some of the people that found this at CFreported it to Homeland Security , and they busted them in the USA and Britain and they are now in jail...

I saw that post and I just...didn't know what to say, so I said nothing at the time, but I'm starting to wonder about that person...

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The strange thing about SF is that it's supposed to be a safe haven, but it's anything but a safe haven. Some of the people who go there admit they are hardly charismatic and are on the fence with the gifts, but technically are charismatic. Then, I think most of us are somewhat comfortable with stuff like being slain the spirit and tongues. But, I know for myself it boggles the mind that I actually had to spend a lot of my energy defending those beliefs on a weekly basis with people in a forum that is supposed to be a safe haven for those beliefs.
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Why oh why are we picking on folks in another forum?  What we all have to realize as Christians is that many have gained their understanding from religion- i.e. man's evangelical tradition and that understanding is limited, although they may have a wide knowledge of Biblical Text much of their understanding is from Man's Historical Interpretation rather than letting the Holy Spirit interpret scriptures for them, but according to their understanding be it unto them. Yes it's annoying when they think they have the truth and we are in error but maybe instead of pulling them down we should show the father's heart of God and quote Biblical truth in love and pray for our brothers and sisters.