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About these smartphones.

Started by Wordsmith, January 11, 2010, 09:54:37 pm

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My husband surprised me at Christmas by getting
me a Droid smartphone. I'm used to the regular flip
phone that has Contacts, and all your basic needs
to make phone calls or text. But this Droid is a computer.
There is nothing that I can't access on this phone that
I can't access on my computer. I started questioning the
security on using this phone to say, access my bank account.
I can transfer between accounts, or any other service
that is available. Does anyone know if there is any sort
of security thats on these phones? Maybe there's nothing
to worry about. But I'm leary to access certain things on it.
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interesting question. i have an iphone and i never worry about it. but then i often use my wireless connection at home or 3g which is secure.
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I never thought about it either and I use my iphone to do everything.