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Your best day...

Started by Foadle, September 13, 2009, 05:27:37 pm

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Just for some fun, I thought I would ask - saying there were no limitations, financial time or anything else you might think of, what would your best day look like?
You have just had the best day of your life.  What happened?


I'd have spent almost the entire day flagging with Delirious? or Matt Redman live in Wembly Stadium or somewhere similar! Glory to God!!!


My best day would be to sit down with Bobby Conner and talk with him all day long on his front porch in Moravian Falls, NC USA., then drive my bmw back to my hotel :)
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my best day would be spent with all of you!

we'd all worship together and pete would lead us, flaglady would wave her flags, and Balance could preach. then we'd have dinner together and everyone would bring their favorites, and Jesus would be with us in the midst of everything. We'd have communion and then break out the sleeping bags and settle in for the night, full, happy, and bonded together.


I would be so awesome for everyone to actually meet!  Like a "family reunion" type of thing.  :sigh:
Embraced by the loving arms of the Father....


You are right...Now that WOULD be a great day :kumbaya: