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Listening to Mp3's of the bible "in the background"

Started by Satch_Boogie, August 20, 2009, 04:00:24 am

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Hi folks,

I've a question...I've been listening to mp3's of the bible in work at low volume with my headphones. Even though I'm too busy to conciously concentrate on them - do you think it will have any benefit?




Short answer - Yes, to a certain extent.
I lost the long post and not going to rewrite it, or at least not now.

I will add though, we are told to renew our mind to the Word of God, so we would need to understand what we heard.

The Lord is my banner

Thanks for posting this - reminded me to use my ipod bible at work the other day!  I felt peaceful and calm as I was cleaning and listening to some psalms.

I think it's good to have it "wash over you" because even when your attention slips you might pick up a little morsel and itll pop into your mind later and surprise you!  It helps refresh and remind me to have it in the background, but does a lot more good when I pay good attention.

Are you still listening, and have you discovered for yourself how it works on you?