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Started by Pete, June 21, 2008, 09:13:42 pm

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So this week, we decided (or more like I decided) we were going to carpet our front porch.  Don't ask me why, but every now and again, I get these crazy ideas about what we should do or fix up around the house, and I'm like a snowball rolling down a hill out of control!

The porch is 24' x 10' and since we recently got a new porch swing, we've been spending a lot more time out on the front porch.  So rather than go through sanding and painting the porch again this year, I decided carpet was a better move.

If you're looking for an exciting drama like last week's washer episode, I'm sorry to disappoint, but this was one of the smoothest projects we've done to date.  We borrowed Sarah's parent's van and went down to Home Depot, bought the carpet, came home called up our good buddy James to help (i.e., do all of the carpet cutting and manual labor), and within 2 hours, the carpet was down on the porch.  If I do say so myself, professionals couldn't have done a better job!

We even managed to get the carpet laid and everything back on the porch JUST as it started to storm!

So, that was our adventure in home improvement this week.
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On an outdoor porch?

Um....what does one do when rain gets on the carpet?  Wouldn't you have to worry about mold? 
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The carpet is under the roof that is on the porch.  As long as I vacuum it and remove suspicious looking things it should last a while.  A lot of our neighbors have their porches carpeted and they don't have any mold problems. 

Pete and James did such a nice job.  I am very impressed!  
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Sounds like the height of cool!

But why no picture!


Too dark for a picture right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

And Dana, haven't you ever heard of indoor/outdoor carpet?  That's what this stuff is.  It's designed to be put outside.
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So ya installed astroturf, huh?
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Actually, it looks and feels very much like indoor carpet.  There's no padding underneath of course, but it's a dark gray color.  I think the color was called "Stingray".

None of that green plastic carpet!
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Faith is having a good opinion of God!