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October 21, 2019, 08:33:21 am

INCLUSIVE National Prayer Day

Started by Truth, May 07, 2009, 11:18:44 pm

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This was very troubling to me. Its bad enough DC wasn't involved this year for the first time  in who knows how many years. But what bothers me is this:

"--asking the president not to issue a separate proclamation for the exclusivist fundamentalist Christian group linked to Focus on the Family that has hijacked the annual observance. --"


If its not fundamental Christianity I don't believe its true Christianity. There are  basic beliefs of our faith

When they say 'inclusive' and 'interfaith' that means they will   be praying to many false gods that day, buddah, allah, and who ever. Thats like after 911 when all the religions prayed to their gods or the one world religion that I can't be apart of. I guess this may have been the last one I will take part in. It  was good praying in the name of Jesus singing loud about Jesus in public. It could be the last time this is possible the way things are going.


You are right - it's like the frog in the skillet - turn up the heat a little at a time and it is cooked.

We are cooked - this has been coming on for many years - there is no way they can hurt our relationship with the Lord, but they can take all signs in public away from us being a Christian nation.
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