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January 28, 2020, 03:53:16 pm

Extra Income

Started by 8 iron, April 01, 2009, 08:35:33 pm

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8 iron

Okay, I've read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Make-Over. I'm in, however, it will take me 18-24 months to get debt-free. Well, debt-free except for the house.

Then I'm going to double or triple my house payments. However, I've tried the last 4-5 months to come up with extra income.

I've found it I think, or at least the general idea. My dad is retired. However, as active as he is, he has to work. So he asked for the cleaning job at the business my mom still works at.

Well, he's been cleaning this business at nights making $500 a month doing so. He's been doing for 2 years. So he has $12,000 stashed away.

So, now I'm looking for the same gig here. He basically spends 2 night a week, 15-20 minutes, taking out trash and little stuff.

Then once a week he spends about 2 hours doing a major clean up. So that's just about 3 hours a week he spends cleaning. So he's essentially making $40 an hour to clean this business.

That is the kind of gig I want.


That explains you talking about doing side job in that other thread. I used to run Ramsey's radio show here for several years at night. I got a signed copy of that book actually. I only made it 1/2 way through, it wasn't a bad book though.
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8 iron

So Brad, "How did you make your first million..."

"Well, I left the bank everyday and went and cleaned toilets for years...."


Maybe you could invent a better cleaning tool, Brad!

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The upkeep for that toool woukld kill your bottom line


This will be Brad after a hard day.........

Faith is having a good opinion of God!


lol thats rteally drug out