So You Believe In Prayer Huh?

Started by 8 iron, June 11, 2008, 09:23:45 pm

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8 iron

Our God has such a great sense of humor. I've been struggling with faith and does God really answers my prayers. Hisgirl's thread, the testimony thread has really caused me to question my faith and do I have faith that God would work miracles like that.

Here's a story. I was laying in bed. The Lord prompted me to pray for my former spouse. I hesitated. He said pray for her COMPLETE HEALING, her COMPLETE restoration and shower out blessings.

I didn't respond. The Lord asked, why won't you pray? Then is HIT ME!! I was hesitant to pray because I felt God would answer that prayer. So I do have FAITH, I do BELIEVE!!!! Which is why I didn't want to pray for her. LOL...

God is cool like that. I even got the impression He enjoyed bringing this revelation to me in the manner He did! Yes, I did pray over her and her household.  As the day has progressed the Holy Spirit has shown me all the specific prayers He's answered!!!


That's awesome Brad!

Here's another one to boost your faith in prayer.  I stayed home from church this evening because my back has been hurting the past few days and I had a headache.  I slept from the time I got home from work tonight until my wife got home from church with the kids.

Well, I went upstairs to read my son his bedtime story, and after I read him his story, I asked him if he would pray for me.

He said, "Lord, I thank you that daddy is all better, and we expect him to get all better, and he won't have any more boo-boos, in Jesus name, Amen."

Instantly, I noticed my back was NOT sore anymore!  The pain was gone!

That childlike faith is what we all need, and I'm amazed at how God uses our children like that.
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8 iron

That's cool. Do you encourage your kiddos to pray for you all the time? I'm trying to get my kids involved in prayer times with me. What do you guys usual pray for? Like kid related stuff, or do you ask them to pray for things like annointing on the pastor, finances, healing, salvation for friends and stuff.


I do encourage my son to pray, and because it's something we do and he sees it, he does it on his own quite often.

We were playing ball one time, and I threw the ball at him and hit him in the knee by accident.  He stopped, kneeled down, laid hands on his knee, said, "Lord. I just thank you for healing my knee"  And that was that. 

Every night before bed, we say his prayers.  He prays for Sarah and I, his sister, and his grandparents.  Sarah and I have tried to instill in him now that he can talk to Jesus anytime about anything, and he seems to get that.

My son is only 4, so we're trying to instill this in him now, so that he won't depart from it later.

My daughter can't talk yet (unless it's to tell you there's a "kitty" outside ), but we'll do the same with her when she gets older.
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That is soo cool, Pete. But no more than I have come to expect from you both (you and Sarah, that is)

8 iron