I'm In Tears Right Now

Started by 8 iron, June 11, 2008, 06:03:17 pm

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8 iron

My former wife got remarried this past Saturday. My oldest daughter, who is my step-daughter from my former's 1st marriage, she's on number 3 right now.

Anyway, she's back home this afternoon. I told my step-daughter who's 12 she could walk overthere. She got there and all the doors were locked. She texted her mom several times and finally called her after she sat outside for about 10 minutes.

Her mom wouldnt' come to the door. Told her to come back to my house! She also told her not to be coming around the house. Now, she hasn't seen her mom, nor the other kids really since last Wednesday. Not the kicker, we are leaving Friday morning to take them to visit my parents for a week.

So she won't see them until like the 23rd. So it's going to be a little over 2 weeks until she sees the kids. My step-daughter started crying last night over diner. I can tell her mom just tore her heart out.

My step-daughter is already insecure, she can't be away from her mom for 2 seconds due to insecurity. I'm so hurt for her.

HOWEVER!!! Am I over-reacting to the situation? I sent her mom a text saying you've broken your daughter's heart! She wanted 5 minutes of your time to say hello.

As many of you know, I'm seriously considering hiring a lawyer if I can come up with the money to get custody of my 2 kids. Why? Because they want to come live with me, they spend 65-70% of their time with me anyway!!

Honestly, I don't even mad anymore at this kind of stuff. It used to make me explode. However, it just makes me sad and disappointed.

Again, am I overreacting??


I can't even imagine not answering the door for my own child.  That's....  just wow.

No, I don't think you're overreacting.  I think you're just feeling strong compassion for your daughter and her feelings, and there's nothing wrong with that in my book.

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8 iron

I'm still in tears. Even for my former spouse! I can't imagine the wounds she has inside her that causes her to be that toward her own children. The whole thing saddens me. I wasn't raised like that. I can tell my former spouse has never experienced true love. Even from me!!

Through the evening I'm sensing even a greater sense of the need for prayer in all of our lives. I've even been spurred to pray for her new marriage. The women needs healing....... 


   Wow Brad...I'm in tears.  I think the change in you is awesome, inspirational and just so moving.  No you are not overeacting - you are showing a Father heart and acting just like I think Jesus would.


   Brad - I'll be back later to post something - Just wanted you to know you are in my prayers - you are not overreacting - all I will say at this time - is keep good records of EVERYTHING.

Just got my computer back after 10 days - have some business to take care of and i'll be back.
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I love to see a man with such compassion - the Father loves to see it. Would be good if there were never things we needed to be that compassionate about but it's a wounded world and we are all wounded in one way or another. Don't you dare pull back from this - share it with your step-daughter. It will do her no end of good to know how much you care for her and about her.


How does a person like that even get custody of the kids in the first place?
Saying a prayer for your step daughter, give her a big hug from Sumo...