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A prophet's reward

Started by jazzypooh, February 09, 2009, 11:43:12 pm

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In Matthew 10:41, it talks about receiving a prophet's reward. What do you all believe a prophet's reward is? I have some thoughts on it, but I believe it's more to it than what I have so far. So I appreciate some input!

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I don't have the answer for the reward - but I do know a prophet has a hard road and the reward must be very great - look what God says He will do for a person that only gives a prophet a glass of water. If He rewards someone who only gives a glass of water to a prophet - the reward for a prophet must be beyond our comprehension.

"He that receiveth a prophet
in the name of a prophet
shall receive a prophet's reward."
    Matthew 10:41
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I would think a prophet's reward is to see the cheered and uplifted faces of souls who have benefitted from the kind and edifying words of God that came through him or her.


Prophets tend to get persecuted.  Most notably, the false persecute the true, and often by twisting their words and making it appear they are the victim rather than the prophet.

Perhaps the prophet's reward might be simply ... vindication?

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Vindication, wow.  That'd be a precious thing to receive, indeed yes.

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God has been talking to me about the subject of giving and the 3-fold cord (fasting, praying, giving). The main scriptures I've been studying are Matthew 10:41 and 1 Kings ch. 17 where God commands a widow to provide for Elijah. I believe these are all connected to what Jesus spoke of as a prophet's reward and what God is trying to show me about giving.


So far what I have is that a prophet's reward consists of:

1. "the word of the Lord" - God will give us the precise direction and guidance that we need

2. provision - the widow provided for Elijah and in turn the scripture says that her barrel of meat would not be empty and her cruise of oil would not run dry

3. miracles - the widow received a miracle from God when her son was revived


This is a very interesting topic. I did a little reading and came up with the following from
Trumpet Ministries.It confirms what the Lord gave you Jazzy. 

Here we see that God used the principles of the prophet's reward to extend life and also create provision through obedience - If you would partner with a prophet whether you are experiencing famine or not - you can be guaranteed that there will be no lack and also no shortage of refreshment and a continued flow of revelation and anointing.
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