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To My Old Friends

Started by IKTCA, January 19, 2009, 09:59:46 pm

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 After my children left home, I used to say to my wife, "When you are old in a nursing home after my death, if our children call you once a month, be happy. Don't ask for more." I was preparing her for old age.

One day a thought entered me: it's a sin. There was only one person who could say it with such firmness, the Lord Jesus. I started to look for a similar passage in the Bible for confirmation. But I could not think of a single place that says it is a sin to expect a once-a-month call from children.

Days and weeks passed. Suddenly, I realized that was how Jesus lived - he loved without asking any in return. Then I understood why I raised the children. It was for my training to love another without expecting any in return, to experience how Jesus lived. Many words of Jesus came alive: invite  those who cannot invite you back, lend without expecting to be paid back.......... It was confirmed that the Lord said it to me.

The training (to love another more than myself) took all my youth. No training on earth costs more than this. God also invested heavily into my training: grace, enduring my rebellion, and the cross.

All Bible passages point to this love.

My friends who are about my age and older,

We are the ones who completed the training. We are the trained lovers, prayers, and committed soldiers for Jesus. We understand the Bible, for the Bible is about this love that we have already learned through practice.

If our church is in spiritually dead, it is because God is waiting for our prayers. If our church is cold, it is because the fire of the Spirit is waiting for our request to come.

We are the most trusted lovers of Jesus for God.


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I don't feel I "expect" my daughter to keep in touch while she's away, but we love each other and have a real relationship, so she does. 

I think you're right - Jesus doesn't "expect" anything in return for His love, but if we really and truly comprehend the greatness of it, love arises in us towards Him and His people and He is delighted.