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October 23, 2019, 07:12:06 pm

rp has also entered the building

Started by rp, August 14, 2007, 11:09:11 am

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Couldn't resist...

Well, I'll come out of my cocoon for a while to see how things go.

We are settling now into a church in Fort Worth - a small Vineyard plant downtown.

The pastor and his wife are all about partnering with others in ministry - instead of believing that they have to be involved in every aspect of the ministry.

Last week I led the communion service and taught briefly on the New Covenant and the provision of Communion from the stance of Grace.

And, my wife and I are preparing to lead worship on Sunday morning in a couple of weeks.  The worship leader will be out of town with her husband selling snakes... appears to be a busy time of the year for them.  We'll have opportunity to lead worship a few times in September as well.  I will be leading in a few songs this coming Wednesday night at small group study.

We are wrapping up a study through Gary Best's book "Naturally Supernatural".  I highly recommend this book to everyone here.  The study time has been great and we have had opportunities to minister to each other after each study.  Also, the challenge was to pray for 5 people outside of the church walls throughout the course of the six week study.  We have some great testimonies that have come out of this... simply doing the Kingdom work out in the marketplace, ministering to the homeless, etc.

We will soon be going through the Vineyard Bible Institute with a few others (creating our own little campus) at the church beginning in September.  Really looking forward to that.

The church is seeking the Presence of God.  This is so refreshing for us.

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell.

Wife is doing great.  Boys are getting ready to start school in a few short weeks... my how the time flies.


Thanks to Dana for the invite.

Thanks to Pete for making this available.



Ummm - just what we need - another forum!


Hey now, another forum is exactly what we need!   ::)

Hey RP!  Good to see you!
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Good to see you Jay.  Did your wife tell you we're coming to your house this weekend and you're grilling steaks?   :D  Just kidding.....but stay on your toes.  We're looking about mid-September. 

Your church sounds ideal.  I especially like the challenge to pray for folks out in the real world.  I find it easy in the group of folks hovering around the pick up window at the pharmacy.  You can assume they need prayer.  Either that or someone looking for a med in the aisles. 

Btw...I gave a copy of your grace teaching to a young man who goes to Lee Univ.  I could really use that teaching in a little booklet.  Have you considered it?  I saw something on the news yesterday about somewhere that prints and binds your book while you wait....
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I got one of these neat comb binding machines. I do all my books with it.



That would be book project #3...

I actually bought some materials a couple of days ago to get started on one of my projects...

Thanks for the reminder... lol!

Look forward to seeing y'all soon.


Quote from: Pete on August 14, 2007, 01:13:59 pm
Hey now, another forum is exactly what we need!   ::)

Oh, like to go with the other 33 forum accounts I have (includes about 8 socks!!)