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Personal Responsibility in this Election

Started by Tina, September 26, 2008, 07:04:02 pm

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Personal Responsibility and the Presidential Election

September 26, 2008 on 10:00 am

I am watching TV news early this morning and hear that Senator McCain is suspending his campaign for President of the United States to stay in Washington, D.C. to actually do the job he's been elected to and getting a salary for.  I also hear that whether or not a plan is agreed upon to deal with the financial crisis of the United States, that Senator Obama will leave Washington D.C. early this morning to continue his campaign for President.

After talking to one of my friends who quipped: "McCain is using this opportunity as a campaign maneuver."  I said, "Hey, he's actually doing the job he's being paid for."  I am always impressed when a politician takes personal responsibility to actually do their job.

Unfortunately, by noontime, Senator McCain apparently had decided that he had completed the job and decided to call it a day and head off to join Senator Obama for a long weekend of campaigning.

What other job is there in the known universe where you can get elected, have a nice title, get paid a really good salary, have fabulous job security for two to six years, and then spend most of your time working towards another job?  Only the job in Congress!  We have Senators from Arizona and Illinois who are spending just about every waking hour vying for the Oval Office, and a Governor from Alaska together with a Senator from Delaware who are trying to get second dibs on Air Force One.

I, for one, believe that they all should have resigned to run for further office, and left the support of their constituents to someone who's doing the job full time.