Great blessing and favor!!

Started by Tina, September 08, 2008, 11:55:29 am

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Dave and I have been getting very specific in our prayers again lately...  it seems amazing how that works!

One of the specifics I have prayed for is for finances and/or favor to come in for all the computer & technical stuff I need that goes along with the online writing biz I am doing -- software, assistance, tech support, ebook creators, etc.....

In order to do the recipes I want to put on the new site ( and reports and ebooks on all the sites, I need to be able to create PDFs.   I only have the reader, not the writer, program.  It is $699 for the writer program I want.

Last night, I told Dave "Shoot, I wish we had that Adode PDF Creator software NOW!"   He said "You do!"... I said "No I don't" (like he was a dunce )..... he said "Look again!".....

Turns out when I was camping last week, he took this laptop to work and they installed the full PDF creator program for us!!!!!!!  Free!

Thank You, Lord!!!!