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May 29, 2020, 04:11:00 pm

Giving stuff away!

Started by MissConStru, July 17, 2008, 08:46:28 pm

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A couple of months ago, my trusty old Omron blood pressure machine developed a fault. I have had it for 14 years and seriously doubted it could be repaired. The telephone number I had was n/u and I couldn't seem to find the firm online either so I presumed that the firm was no more.

So I bought a new all singing, all dancing Lloyds Pharmacy machine off Ebay - a snip at ?25 (paid ?30 for the old one!) But I not only did I never really get on with it - it always registered an aberrant measurement first - the cuff was only fit for tiny lasses. The big, burly guys that were my usual clients - nothing doing. So I searched on line again and bought a large cuff, being very mystified when it turned up in a heavy parcel! Inside was not only the large cuff but a FREE (and smaller) blood pressure machine! Wow!

This one was a tad more reliable but still gives a too high reading first time (in other words, I don't like it!).

Then, whilst looking for something else, I chanced upon a site that gave a link to Omron. Delighted I emailed them and found I could still send my old machine in for repair. The standard fee was ?30 - exactly the same as it was 10 years ago! I sent it in and within a week it came back repaired and recalibrated with a new bellows (it doesn't automatically inflate) and a new cuff! But sadly, the cuff (again) was a small size so I rang and asked if I could order a large one.

The nice lady said no need, they'd send me one. It came today - TWO cuffs, medium and large, free of charge!

Now that's what I call customer service!

Odd point - I now have three bp machines and 5 cuffs. I could start my own ward!!