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Title: Christianity's greatest failure
Post by: Bryan on August 05, 2020, 10:13:08 pm
Thinking about Christianity through the years and it seems that Christians from about 300-1800 really caused much more issues and problems than they solved.  Now I dont mean every single onf but rather the "leaders" of the church on earth.

It seems that around 300 that Christian leaders increasingly wanted political power and pull and that desire didnt seem to dissipate until Napoleon conquered Rome and abolished Catholicism in 1803 (year?).

Anyway, religious people in power is dangerous no matter what religion they subscribe to.  Theocracies are commanded no where in scripture and it seems Christians (certainly in America) increasingly want politicians to enact new religious leaning laws.

I'm not a fan of such things.  I wonder if the church would be looked more favorably upon if leaders from the past had been more compassionate and loving instead of power hungry and greedy.  That to me is Christianity's greatest failure.  Power corrupts...
Title: Re: Christianity's greatest failure
Post by: Pete on August 06, 2020, 10:24:41 am
I would tend to agree with this. There are a good many Christians in the United States that conflate politics with religion, and it's almost always a bad look.

It's like when people got all upset because organized prayer was taken out of schools. I absolutely agree with that decision. Why? Because I don't want a government institution determining how, when or what my children should pray. As a parent, it is my responsibility, not the school's, to teach my children how to pray. My wife and I teach them, and we've chosen a church that we believe reinforces that teaching. The problem with school-sponsored prayer is which prayer? Generally, when Christians want to assert power on the school or the government, it's not because they want freedom of religion. It's because they want their ideas imposed. And it is remarkably hypocritical.

If you support freedom of religion, then you support the rights of people to practice whatever religion they choose. 

Another hot-button issue is abortion. The issue of voting for the "right" people to end abortion has been the rallying cry of political Christians since Roe v. Wade. But IMHO, this never should have been a political issue. It should be a medical issue. And it should provide an opportunity for us to minister to women considering abortion, to express the importance and value of life. I think by trying to legislate abortion laws, Christians have lost the plot. Legislation and laws do not address the heart, and that is what God cares about.

Instead of trying to force people to conform to our desires, I believe we should Love them and allow the goodness of God to draw them to repentance.

Title: Re: Christianity's greatest failure
Post by: JohnDB on August 06, 2020, 10:49:24 am
I see the problem as mixing Christianity with Politics...

Always is the root of the problem.

What you are talking about is "winds of doctrine" being in conflict with true Christian principles and conflating the issues with current political problems.

During the rennaisance there was a religious upheaval as scriptures were made available to the common man without true hermeneutics being applied as the General Church was unwilling and unprepared to adequately teach these things. (As it would show that the Emporor's clothes were absent)

The Dark Ages were dark from hearing God's Word...as well as the understanding of what the scriptures meant. The documents were lost, destroyed, and left uncopied. (No printing presses)

The truth that Jesus was against politics goes unheard regularly.
(It was the means of his crucifixion)

Today we see that the Republicans are more in favor of acting like there is no pandemic and the lives lost weren't valuable to begin with. But Christian principles demand that every life is precious and not to be risked.
The Democrats wish to keep everyone in quarantine in order to exert more control over individuals lives and how the Government says they should behave.

Neither side is right.

I'm on God's side on this. I'm staying out of it.