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Title: Having the wrong "right" focus...
Post by: Bryan on September 10, 2016, 10:33:51 pm
I love you all and thank you for the prayers and support!  Want to share something I feel God laid on my heart.  Nothing personal I promise.

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus..."

How many of us have heard that hymn before?

"Look full in His wonderful face... and the things of earth will grow strangely dim..."

Why is it that I can be so pious? So full of zeal and devotion and end up broken and feeling empty handed?

Lord, I spent hours with you in prayer for the poor and sick. I sought the gifts so that I could heal, peophecy, etc. I thought my focus was pure and accurate.

Bryan... you could not have been farther from the truth. The truth is not found in the gifts. The truth is not found in pious devotion. The truth is found in the will of the Almighty.

How many times have I "missed the boat" because I believed my focus was in the right place and I never got what I sought because what I should have been seeking was Jesus, not the benefits of a relationship with him.

Why do I get so caught up in who falls away? Or who won't "get in"? Or if salvation is eternal or conditional?

Just point people to Jesus, Bryan, and let him decide what to do with them!

He is the one after all that decides, not us. It is my job to love every single individual, regardless of race, age, creed, or orientation.

Turn your eyes upon JESUS.... and the things of earth will grow dim...

Sit quietly before him. Let his Spirit guide my interaction and time with him.

Commit this day that you will seek him and him alone.

Not the gifts, not the title, not the social status... just Jesus.

Let the One who made you, lead you where he wants you. Love everyone! Unconditionally. They might not deserve it, but neither did we.